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Florence For Over 50s is an association of former teachers hosting senior guests in their homes for short periods.
We all have a scholarly knowledge of Florentine history, the city, its shops, its traditions and its daily events.

We live in Florence or in the nearby Tuscan countryside, our homes are excellent for a vacation and for comfort and quality with private room and private bath for guests.

For whom?
For individual travellers, friends travelling together, ladies wishing to visit Florence on their own and who do not want to spend lonely evenings in a restaurant or in a hotel. Couples wishing to spend a vacation  in the company of an Italian family.

What will we do for you?

We accompany our senior guests on cultural visits and shopping walks, not only along the city streets and squares to see the celebrated monuments and palaces, but also to visit the more secluded ones with the workshops of traditional craftsman.
With our vacations you can get to know and walk through past and present Florentine life in a natural and genuine way.

We will welcome you with Florentine warmth and sincerity, you will not be alone in an hotel or walking alone aimlessly in Florence, and if you wish, you can spend the evening with us and share common interests.

If you love classical music, we can attend concerts or other theatrical performances scheduled in Florence during your vacation period.

You can have Individual Italian cuisine activities, including visits to local stores and markets to identify and select the appropriate ingredients for the recipes which you will choose.

We will give you our lifelong experience of cultural itineraries and Italian cooking activity in a friendly home.


Accommodation in each home is for a minimum of three nights, for singles or two people travelling together.

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How it came about that, between the years 1400 and 1500, Italy, and primarily Tuscany, brought forth her colossal masters, with such will and genius to do what they did, and with the muscle and brawn of their literature, art and sculpture, no one will ever be able to explain.
To see the very flower of these two centuries it is to Florence, the city of flowers, that we must go.