Lopsided wooden crosses hacked by storms and neglect. Madonna and Child shrines crumbling to the ground, but affably garnished with plastic roses. Commemorative marble inscriptions of the illustrious nobles now scoured nameless by time,

 Ways trodden by the mysterious Etruscans, the ox, and the cloven foot long before time itself had a name.

Walk from Fiesole up to the stone quarries of Monte Ceceri – stones from its quarries became cathedrals and palaces. Then over to Settignano, to the town of the divine Michelangelo.

Here the earth-gods reveal themselves. The far-off barking of dogs warn us that they are already aware of our intruding footsteps.

From Heathendom to Christendom. Far-off bells from the Cathedral in the valley below remind us that old Sol Invictus has been replaced by Sol Salutis.

shrine colognole