In Florence, we can read numerous public order bans, especially near churches and monasteries, prohibiting acoustic disturbances and children’s games, in order to maintain calm and decorum.

Also prohibited were gambling or other loud games such as “Bullets”, others forbade playing or singing songs and meretricious activity.

These stone plaquets were placed from 1300 to 1700 by the Magistrates who controlled the law in Florence.

targa degli otto

A plaque from Fiesole reads –
“This day, 28th April 1710, the respectable eight Signori of the Guardia e Balia (Magistrates and Bailiffs) of the city of Florence forbid any person whomsoever to play any form of game near the oratory of S Maria Primerana of Fiesole within 50 armlengths when said oratory is open under penalty of 4 scudi, or arrest, or arbitration.”