Individual Italian cooking lessons with your private host teacher, including visits to local stores and markets to select the appropriate recipe ingredients.

You will be taught the art of interpreting techniques used in preparing the ingredients for cooking, tasting and traditional table setting. You will learn to prepare a complete meal using a variety of recipes, changing the ingredients and tastes every day.

Each host family will follow its own personal traditions, which will however always be based on local Tuscan and other regional recipes. Starting with the antipasti, the teacher will guide you to the first dishes, such as spaghetti and other types of pasta, to the typical second dishes, then to the traditional pizza, and to the cakes and sweets.pizzaYou can book a minimum of one lesson of 3 hours per one day to a total of 15 hours in 5 days (3 hours a day).

Each lesson of three hours: € 85,00 for one guest – € 140,00 for two guests together – including ingredients

The price include the necessary ingredients.

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