Our Association of former qualified teachers living in Florence offer an extensive past experience of hospitality and one-to-one teaching to adult students of Italian language and culture. This is an avowal of assurance for guests who wish to enjoy a vacation in Florence beyond the ordinary tourist standards.

Who are we?
We are former teachers of Italian literature and history who host senior guests in their homes for short periods in and around Florence. We are passionate about our art and history heritage, we know Florence in all its details, both historical and the lives of our famous ancestors human. Hosts can speak either English, French, or Spanish.

For whom?
For individual senior travellers, friends travelling together, ladies wishing to visit Florence on their own and who do not want to spend lonely evenings in a restaurant or in a hotel. Couples who wish to live in the company of an Italian family.

We can talk with our guests, exchange views, share the same and up-to-the-minute interests, make new friendships.
Living in a home away from your home is the most rewarding way of actively acquiring a good knowledge of Florentine life and culture during your vacation.

What will we do?
We accompany guests on excursions and walks in Florence and its surroundings. The programs will be planned and prepared together, based on the personal interests of each guest. Walks to know the artisans and their workshops or visits to the major stores and outlets in our area.

In addition to art and history in Florence and other Tuscan cities, the guest can have individually planned lessons of Italian cooking, Italian language, or Italian based on opera librettos.

Our guest will live the daily life of the family, sharing their interests, culture and heritage.

Our programs offer a worthwhile and highly rewarding vacation to understand our way of life, our art and culture, and relish our Italian cooking.